Coach FAQs

I would like to coach or assist in the coaching of a team but I never played soccer myself or have any experience.  Can I still coach?
YES! Many of our best coaches have never personally played soccer.  We’ll provide the tools necessary for you to feel confident about coaching a team.  Positions are needed for the Fall and Spring Seasons.

How can I sign up to coach a team?
Each coach must use our online registration and select "coach" as a volunteer option. Coaches are the backbone of a successful soccer program.  Without dedicated coaches, we have no soccer program.  Absolutely, no experience is necessary to coach at the youngest levels. 


What are the licensing requirements to coach?

For our In-House Program we try to host a coach training session prior to each season for those who may be new to soccer or coaching. 

For our Recreational Program we highly recommend that coaches are licensed.

For our Travel Program, all coaches must be licensed.  Coaches must have a minimum of an E license for small-sided teams (typically U9-U12).  For full-sided play (U13 and above), coaches are required to have a minimum of a D license.

Any PASC coach that completes a licensing course will be reimbursed for that expense if the coach remains with PASC for the following year.

How can I get information about coaching license courses?
Check out the links under "Coaches’ Corner".  Within this section you will see a list of Links including EPYSA and Licenses.  The Licenses link explains the different levels of coaching licenses.  Once on the EPYSA website, click on the "Coaching Education" link for the current list of EPYSA coaching classes.