River Columbus Day Classic Tournament

The PASC U13 Girls Force team finished as undefeated champions playing in the River Tournament over Columbus Day weekend.  The Force not only finished undefeated but played up a level at the U14 age bracket and was not scored upon during the entire 4 game series.  The Force beat the AFC Heat 2-0, the Hereford Herr-icanes 2-0, the PASC Power 1-0, and in the championship game beat the AFC Heat 3-0 to clinch the title.  It got back to the Force players that the AFC Heat was looking forward to playing "the little girls" in the championship game.  Not sure the Force appreciated the descriptor, but it was determined quite clearly on the pitch; it is not about how big or old you are, it's about the amount of heart you play with.  GO FORCE!!!