PASC Force FC Europa Cup Champions

The PASC U13 Force competed in the FC Europa Cup over March 12-13th.  This is one of the most competitive early spring tournaments in PA.  The Force competed in the Championship division, which was the most competitive division offered.  Every team the Force faced was ranked higher in GotSoccer.  Fun being the underdogs!  The first team the Forced played was a powerful Washington United team from NJ.  This game went back and forth with solid defensive play from both teams.  The Force put one in and one is all it took.  Final score PASC Force 1 – Washington United 0. 

Second game was against a tough HFC Ready team.  The Force put in two goals with great technical play from the midfield and forwards.  Defense once against shut out the opposition.  Final Score PASC Force 2- HFC Ready 0. 

Third game was against an English trained Haverford Elite team.  Gotta love those accents!  This game was all about endurance.  The game finished regular play in a tie, went into 2 five minute overtime periods ending in a tie, and then went into a PK shootout.  Exciting doesn’t come close to describing the shootout.  Goals went back and forth with the last shot placed at the foot of the Force.  If the Force scored the next shot, they would win, but no pressure girls.  No pressure was felt, because that last shot just sailed in the right corner of the net.  Final score: PASC Force 1 – Haverford Elite 0. 

The final game was against Washington United who had beaten the 25th ranked team in the nation to get to the finals.  They were angry we had beaten them in our first game and determined for some payback.  Well, the Force pumped in a quick goal in the first 5 minutes of play and held a 1-0 lead up until 10 minutes left in the game.  Washington scored, tied it up, and was ready to finish the Force off.  The Force stayed calm and cool and countered their equalizer with a goal of their own.  Final score PASC Force 2 – Washington United 1.  

The Force finished the tournament with the fewest goals against than any other team in the championship division.  Defensive play by all players was amazing.  This was some of the best balanced offensive and defensive play the girls have shown all year!  Great job girls!!!