iSoccer Training for Coaches

This Weekend! Saturday, March 5th, 4-5:30 pm

iSoccer Training for Coaches
So have you heard the buzz?  The iSoccer Winter Academy was a hit!  So much so, that kids are asking for more and coaches want to incorporate it into their training sessions.  Well we hear you! 
This Saturday!
PASC iSoccer Coach Clinic
Saturday, March 5th, 4-5:30 pm
Agenda          Session Plan
This Saturday we will be running an iSoccer clinic for coaches that are new and unfamiliar with iSoccer.  The intent is to take what we have done this winter and provide and overview on how to integrate the iSoccer training into your teams weekly training sessions.  We will break the session up to run through a couple of the progressions then have a classroom session where we go through the online iSoccer database to set up sessions, review scores, messaging to players etc. 
I am looking for a few coaches that can help out with the training as I am unsure how many will attend the session.  The club will post the clinic on the web and send out notices to coaches and the AGC’s on my behalf to get the word out. 
ESA has donated the 1.5hr facility rental for this clinic as thank you for our business, there will be an opportunity to schedule time for your pre-season practices at ESA while at our session on Saturday (before or after).  Please stop in the office and book time and Thank Matt for all his help with coordination the facility schedules for PASC.
Please let me know either way if you plan to attend.  Thank you! 
Peter Burke