Red Robin Fundraiser Winners!

Fall 2011

The Fall 2011 Parkland Area Soccer Club’s Red Robin Holiday Gift Card Fundraiser was a success thanks in part to everyone who participated.

The following PASC players were our top winners.  Looks like we have some future salespersons in our club.  Excellent job!

1st winner  -  Brandi F.  $625.00 - Soccer Magic gift card
1st place runner up - Colin M.  $600.00 - Soccer Magic gift card
2nd place winner - McKenzie W.  $495.00 - PASC Hooded Sweatshirt
3rd place winner - Dylan S.  $475.00 - PASC Hooded Sweatshirt
4th place winner - Josh K.  $315.00 - PASC T-shirt
5th place winner - Logan K.  $305.00 - PASC T-shirt
6th place winner - Max M.  $305.00 - PASC T-shirt
7th place winner - Kaitlyn K.  $300.00 - PASC T-shirt
8th place winner - Emily B.  $260.00 - PASC T-shirt
9th place winner - Hunter J. $250.00 - PASC T-shirt
9th place winner - Rowen K.  $250.00 - PASC T-shirt
9th place winner - Kristen H.  $250.00 - PASC T-shirt
9th place winner - Madison M.  $250.00 - PASC T-shirt
10th place winner - Jordyn O.  $225.00 - PASC T-shirt

The following participants will receive a PASC waterbottle for selling 10 or more cards.
Owen C.i
Ryan E.
Killlian G.
Lucas H.
Payton L.
Brenna M.
Katrina O.

Thank you again to everyone who participated!