Soccer Heading Study at Temple

Needs U12-U16 Participants

We are doing a soccer heading study at Temple and looking to recruit 10-15 year olds (U12-U16) that are on a club or travel team.  The study involves a minimal time commitment on the individual’s part and they would be compensated for their participation.  I am emailing to see if you would be willing to allow me to distribute flyers (attached) to some of the players/players parents or coaches in person or via email.  Ultimately, the parent will need to contact us and testing will be at Temple University.  Participation in the study would be the decision of the soccer player and their parent, both of which would remain anonymous.  The aim of the study is to compare neck strength and head acceleration to a previous study done with college soccer players.

Please feel free to forward this email and attachment to anyone you know who may be interested in participating.

Please let me know if you believe this is possible, and if you have any questions contact me or Dr Ryan Tierney (  Thank you for your time and consideration.
Holly Woodman, ATC
Graduate Assistant Athletic Trainer
Temple University
(207) 939-1348