Wild Soccer Bunch

The Wild Soccer Bunch was created by a father who coached his son’s soccer team and was inspired to write a book about his experience.  Joachim Masannek blended tru stories with his own childhood memories.  His storytelling is fast paced and cinematic, and the stories are told from a child’s point of view, as if the writer’s voice morphed into the hero’s in each book.

The series has 13 books to date, and each book is narrated by a different kid on the team.  The sensational international success of the books has translated into a full-fledged brand including five live action motion pictures and an animated series.  Masannek’s emotional and captivating writing style has captured the imagination of kids in 32 countries.  Jan Birck’s imaginative illustrations are filled with action and humor.

The series are in the Accelerated Reading Program (ARP points, kids), too.