Coaching Courses - F & G Certificates

January 14-15, 2012

In-House and Rec Coaches, 

Here are two opportunities to attend training locally over the winter.  Trajanos is an excellent instructor who has trained many of our teams and most recently partnered with PASC for a very successful summer skills camp.  If you do not have any formal coach training, the F Certificate is recommended and only takes 4 hours to complete.
G course - Saturday, January 14th, 11am - 3 pm
F course - Sunday, January 15th, 2pm - 6pm 
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Both courses will be taught by Trajano Bastidas at Catasauqua High School, 2500 Bullshead Rd. The courses are very informative and will benefit even the seasoned coach especially with Trajano running it.  Coaches can register through EPYSA’s website
Coaching Level
Time Commitment
Under 6
4 Hours
Under 8
4 Hours
Under 10 -13 (9yrs – 12yrs)
Basic Stage of Learning
18 Hours
Under 14 ( up to 14yrs)
38 Hours
Ages 11 to 14
25 Classroom Hours
45 Field Hours
U6, U8, U10 & U12
6 Days