PASC players selection to the Olympic Development Program (ODP) teams for 2014-2015

Congratulations to our PASC players on their selection to their respective Olympic Development Program (ODP) teams for 2014-2015.  PASC is proud to announce the following ODP players:

  • Jake Varrato (PASC Thunder) – U15B
  • Lindsay Reightler (PASC Extreme) – U14G
  • Drew Berger (PASC Red Devils) – U13B
  • Taylor Fasnacht (PASC Extreme) – U13G
  • Erica Lincoln (PASC Extreme) – U13G
  • Zack Reightler (PASC Red Devils) – U12B
  • Lindsay Berger (PASC Force) – U12G

In addition to the current 7 PASC players selected, an additional 8 players that were developed by PASC were selected.  Again, congratulations to all on your selection to ODP for 2014-2015.