Spring Registration!

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Registration will be open until Feb 28, 2015.

Registration Notice

Parkland Area Soccer Club is excited to announce that In-House and Recreational program registration is now open! One change you should immediately notice upon registering your child(ren) is that the club will now be providing socks and shorts to all players U7 and up. We elected to provide these as part of the uniform to install a greater sense of team unity and to continue to be recognized as an organized club by those teams we play throughout the Northern Valley Youth Soccer League as well as during tournaments. All players are expected to wear their red socks and black shorts during game play.

As in years past the club will continue to allow coach or buddy requests, however, we’d like to provide the following clarity to you below of those practices. Please do not hesitate to reach out to the club should you have any questions or issues related to our position on these points.

Thank you for once again choosing the PASC for your child(ren). We appreciate your commitment to us and will always try and provide that same level of commitment back to you whenever possible. 

Playing Up

The policy of PASC states: “In-House or Recreational players with August or September birthdays have the option of ’playing up’ an age group to remain with players in their school grade if spots are available.” Please note that players will be placed in the age group that corresponds to the player’s appropriate date of birth. Players wishing to play up will only be allowed to play up if a vacancy exists at the higher age group and it will not cause a roster strain at their age appropriate level. Please note that each season will be evaluated independently regardless of where a player played in previous seasons. For an age group reference chart by date of birth, please visit EPYSA.

Coach and Player Requests

Every season we try our best to honor coach and player requests. Our club registers and places over 600 players each season in our Inhouse and Recreational programs and receive approximately 300 plus requests each season. As you can see from the numbers, it is difficult to grant all of these requests. We do try to honor as many requests as possible however roster sizes, number of volunteer coaches, and other factors can make this very difficult. We ask that if you do have a request, please limit to one player and/or one coach. It is often difficult to honor a player's request to play with 4 other players and a specific coach. 

To learn more about our programs, training, and upcoming events visit our website, www.ParklandSoccer.org

The mission of the Parkland Area Soccer Club (PASC) is to improve ALL soccer players by providing a positive learning environment, including an age and skill appropriate training curriculum administered by highly trained coaches who develop players in the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological aspects of the game.