Parkland striker - keeper - Team camp

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We are pleased to announce our sixth Striker / Keeper Camp.  Many teams do not have the resources to specifically train the goalkeepers.  Yet having a goalkeeper minding your net that is schooled on proper technique will make far more routine saves look easier and a few tougher ones look routine.

PHS GK Coach Katelyn Gristick along with recent graduates Julia Hulbert, Shannon Kriz, Becky Webster, Regan Allsop  hold or share almost all the schools goalkeeping records.  They are excited to help your child develop better goalkeeping starting positions, foot work and hand position, HEH principle, shot blocking, parrying, diving and distribution.  Current PHS HS GK’s will be there to assist Coach Gristick, Hulbert, Kriz and Webster.

No keeper’s camp is over till the GOALIE WARS CHAMPION is crowned.