Registration FAQs

How many games are played?
During the Fall Season, approximately 10 games are played.  In the Spring Season, approximately 8–10 games are played based on the start of the season; due to weather conditions.  Travel teams may also have scheduled tournaments throughout the fall and spring.

Can we make a request for a specific coach?
Yes, you can make a request for a specific coach for our MicroSoccer, KinderSoccer, In-House, or Recreational programs ONLY.  We will make every attempt to place the participant with the requested coach.  Please understand that there are no guarantees you will be placed with the coach you requested.

Can we make a request for a specific teammate?
Yes, you can make a request for a specific teammate for our MicroSoccer, KinderSoccer, In-House, or Recreational programs ONLY.  A maximum of 1 teammate may be requested.  We will make every attempt to place the participants together.  Please understand that there are no guarantees you will be placed with the participant you requested.

What is the difference in the play on Travel compared to Recreational Soccer?
Our mission is to provide a safe and fun experience where each player can learn the game of soccer at the most appropriate competitive level.  The travel program allows players of similar skill and motivation to compete against players of these same characteristics from other organizations. Most travel teams will compete in leagues and/or tournaments that are within the Lehigh Valley.  Teams that join other leagues will discuss their intentions at tryouts.

Playing time is equalized throughout the season by league rule for intramural play. Though there is no defined playing time requirement for travel teams, coaches are expected to give players fair opportunity to exhibit their skills during the game.

Travel teams typically practice two nights a week with a game on the weekend. A higher commitment to the travel program is expected during the fall season.  We recognize and support other activities during the spring season.

Recreational soccer is organized soccer with an emphasis on fun and skill development. Recreational soccer is also ideal for older participants who are new to the game or those who can’t make the time or financial commitment required for Travel soccer.

I specified that my son/daughter can’t practice on certain days, yet when the coach announced his/her practice days they conflict with our other activities, why?
Soccer registration is done much earlier than the time your son/daughter hits the field.  We do not know what practice days/times each coach will have until shortly before the season begins.  By this time, team assignments have been made and distributed.

Where can we find out more about soccer?
We have provided links to soccer websites under "Parents’ Place". You can also find lots of books at either book stores or soccer specialty stores (e.g. Soccer Magic), along with video tapes that will explain the game.  We encourage all parents, especially if their children like the sport, to find out more about the game.  Game rule links can be found under "Coaches’ Corner"

What other services does the club provide?
Soccer clinics for participants and coaches

Summer camps and training clinics

Referee training for In-House Program


Who can I contact for more information?
We have different email addresses depending on the program you are interested in.  Also check our FAQS under the various programs on our website. - MicroSoccer (U5), KinderSoccer (U6) and Developmental (U7-U8) - Recreational Coordinator (U10-U19) - Travel Coordinator (U9-U19) - TOPSoccer Coordinator (U7-U19) - Any general questions

When do I register my child to play soccer?
Fall Soccer Registration is during the May/June time frame. Spring Soccer Registration is during the December/January time frame.  Our registration is all done online.   Payments can be made via credit card or check.

How much is the registration fee?
The participant registration fee is based on the program, age of the participant, and when they register.  The fees can be found on the registration flyer sent out to schools or under our "Registration" on our home page once registration is open.

Why is fall registration so early?
The end of the school year is our last chance to get our registration flyer into the hands of most participants through the local schools.  All planning of equipment, field space and coaches occurs over the summer.  The start of the following school year in September does not give us enough time to find coaches, order equipment and form teams.  This also gives us time for our Travel Teams to prepare for team registrations since they usually begin practice in late July / early August for pre-season tournaments.

What are the benefits of registering online?
Register online and …
  save time by registering from home, work or library
  request a teammate or a coach for the season
  have your registration confirmed by email
  view your team roster online