Force Philosophy

Today giving up is NOT an option!

I will train like a champion, no one will work harder

than me.

I will accomplish the goals I set for myself.

I will leave sore today so I wake up stronger tomorrow.


Today I am going to give all I have to this game. When I walk off this field win or lose I will be able to hold my head high because I left it all on the field.

Today I will encourage my teammates; I will push them and expect them to push me. I will not put them down; we will work together. I will help my teammates by getting open, I will not stand still, I will move!! We will leave everything on the field. Today we will shine together as a team.


I will not let my opponent beat me, they did not train as hard as me, this is my game, not theirs. I will beat them to the ball every time, it is my ball, not theirs. I will not let them work harder than me. I will fight and beat my opponent for every ball and every possession!!


The time for us to shine is now; I will give my team my complete effort so we can shine together!!