Travel FAQs

What are the age groups and how long are the games for the travel program?

U09 - 50 minute game broken into (2) 25 minute halves
U10 - 50 minute game broken into (2) 25 minute halves
U11 - 60 minute game broken into (2) 30 minute halves
U12 - 60 minute game broken into (2) 30 minute halves
U13 - 70 minute game broken into (2) 35 minute halves
U14 - 70 minute game broken into (2) 35 minute halves
U15 - 80 minute game broken into (2) 40 minute halves
U16 - 80 minute game broken into (2) 40 minute halves
U19 - 90 minute game broken into (2) 45 minute halves

Commitment – What is commitment level to be on a Travel team?
The Travel program requires a level of commitment above that of the Recreational program.  There are typically 2 practices a week.  The Travel program requires a commitment to play for both the fall and spring seasons.

What is the expectation of the Travel soccer participant?
There is a higher level of expectation than in our Recreational program, but it is understood that kids do have other interests and commitments and as a club, we support this.  Participants are expected to make most practices and games.

Is it expensive to play Travel Soccer?
There is more expense than our Recreational program but it isn’t exorbitant.  Costs are approximately $350-$750 for the Fall/Spring season. Costs are determined by uniform needs, team training, indoor league fees, tournaments, winter training, and patches. 

How much travel is involved in the Travel Program?
Most Travel teams will play their games within a 10-20 mile radius, depending on the teams in their age division and registered league.  There are premier teams who do travel a farther distance for more competitive leagues.  Also, travel might be farther if a team decides to go to tournaments.

Why are travel tryouts held?
Typically, there are more participants in an age group than can be accommodated on a single team (or on two/three teams when the numbers are large).  For this reason, tryouts are held to determine the participants that will be placed on the travel teams.

Who must tryout for Travel?
Anyone wishing to play on a travel team and plays at a higher level of play MUST tryout.  They must attend at least one day of the 2 scheduled tryout dates.  This includes any participant currently on an existing travel team; as well as any new participant.

When are Travel tryouts held?
Travel tryouts are held during the month of May for the next Travel Season (Fall/Spring).  There are at least 2 tryout dates per age group.  Tryout dates and times will be posted in advance on our website when finalized.

Does my child need to attend all tryout sessions?
No, although it is highly recommended that each player participate in all tryouts, if possible.  This allows the evaluators more opportunity to see the participant’s skills and also allows for an “off” day.  Please notify the coach if you are not able to attend a session.  A minimum of one day is required.

How will I know if my child has made a travel team?
All participants will be notified by a system generated email.  This will allow them to accept or reject their nomination.  Upon acceptance, the participant will be required to pay their travel fees for the upcoming season.
What if my child does not make a travel team?
All participants will be notified by a system generated email.  If the player has not been selected for a
travel team, the participant will have the opportunity to register and be placed on an Recreational team for the season.
Will my son/daughter have to tryout again in the spring or will his/her whole team stay together?
Travel tryouts are only held once per year.  When agreeing to play for a travel team, the commitment is for the Fall and Spring seasons. The team will stay together unless unplanned circumstances occur.

What leagues do the travel teams participate in during the season?
Travel teams may participate in any one of the following leagues depending on the team and the coach:
  (CRSL) Council Rock Spring League
  (DELCO) Delco Soccer League
  (ICSL) Intercounty Soccer League
  (LVYSL) Lehigh Valley Youth Soccer League
  (PAGS) Philadelphia Area Girls Soccer
  (UBSL) Upper Bucks Soccer League

Who can I contact with more questions about Travel soccer?

Any questions can be directed to the Travel Coordinator at
What are the licensing requirements for a travel coach?
For our Travel Program, all coaches must be licensed.  Coaches must have a minimum of an E license for small-sided teams (typically U9-U12).  For full-sided play (U13 and above), coaches are required to have a minimum of a D license.

Any PASC coach that completes a licensing course will be reimbursed for that expense if the coach remains with PASC for the following year.